J3PO's Live MV "Dovetail" has been released! The best performance from the living room to the whole world.
Photo via Facebook(@J3POMUSIC)

Julian Pollack, also known as J3PO, is a pianist and producer born in California and currently working in Los Angeles after New York.

The Live MV "Dovetail" released this time was played in a trio with other two members, Lenny "The Ox" Reece (drums) and Antoine Katz (bass) who were musicians supporting a variety of artists in a single with same name released on February 4.

The keyboard and the synthesizer connected to the innumerable effectors played by J3PO certainly have a rich variety of sounds, it has drums that go back and forth between live performance and mechanical grooves of electronica using sampling pads, and his bass is a calm, shrewd that mixes unison with the melody and sometimes takes the initiative to create the root of the beat.

You may be overwhelmed by a feeling of unity of the high-level performance that each player plays with unconcerned looking and have a strange feeling that the place is just a "normal room".

There would be another great experience brought out with ad lib that was different from what was recorded. The professional skills as a player that can achieve it, and digital chorus and sound effects that cannot be achieved with acoustic instruments alone.

You must listen to the urban and fantastic sound created by technology and technique! If comparing the live version of the MV with the recording version, you will be able to enjoy it in a different way, so please do not miss this opportunity!

Big thanks to J3PO!!

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