fyk’s TAPEDECK – December

fyk’s TAPEDECK – December , 2019
Cover Photo by Markus Spiske from Pixabay
Created by fyk / 21 Songs ー 1hour 10min.


1.XXXTENTACION, PnB Rock, Trippie Reddのbad vibes forever
2.Lewis Capaldi – Before You Go
3.Inner Wave – Rose
4.The Weekend – Blinding Lights
5.Yoshi Flower – More
6.In Love With a Ghost, Ukuletea – heart of the woods (ending theme)
7.The Petersens – Gentle on My Mind
8.Mandy Harvey – This Time
9.Circa Waves – Jacqueline
10.Snail’s House – Kitty
11.Goody Grace, MAKJのScumbag (feat. blink-182) – MAKJ Remix
12.Dooz Kawa, Shantel – Arcueil Cachan (avec Shantel)
13.MOYLETT, Night Tempo – I Don’t Like Mondays – Night Tempo Synthwave Remix
14.Static, GHOST DATA – Breathe – GHOST DATA Remix
15.Aiming for Enrike – Flat Beats
16.Ten Tonnes – Lucy
17.Royal Coda – Becoming the Memory
18.Swim Mountain – Youth
19.Mk.gee – Untitled
20.Faye Webster – Kingston

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